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온라인 비자 셀프 체크 시스템


비자 셀프체크

Visa Self-Check
점수제에 의한 거주 비자 (F-2-7)
- 연령,학력,소득 등
- 한국 1년 이상 체류자
점수제 숙련 기능 인력 (E-7-4)
- 숙련기능인력

Online Visa Application


Residential Affairs

Alien Registration
Alien registration is required if foreigner dwell in Korea over 3 months.
- Alien Registration
- Overseas Koreans Registration
Extension of Sojourn Card
Foreigners who want to extend their stay should obtain admission from immigration office.
Change of Status of Sojourn
Foreigners who want to change their visa status should obtain admission from immigration office.
Engage in Activities
Admission of engage in activities not covered by the status of sojourn
Change of Workplace
Change of workplace
Alteration of Residence
Foreigners who moved their residence should notify to immigration office.
Change of Information on Alien
- Change of passport information
- Change of personal information that inform to immigration office
-General Naturalization
-Marriage/Overseas Simple Naturalization
-Special Naturalization

General Immigration Affairs

Consulate Affairs
- Family Invitation from other country
- Short-term Visitor Invitation
- Medical and sight-seeing visa Invitation
Investment and Family Affairs
- Counselling related to Investment to Korea
- Working visa or dispatch visa
- Foreigner Family Affairs : Adoption etc.
Ombudsman Affairs
- Solving problem that prohibit someone from entering Korea
- Solving illegal stay in Korea
- Consultation related to difficulty immigration problem
Issue of Certification Documen
- Criminal Report
- Certificate of Family Relation
- Issue of the others Certificate

Request for Quotation
Change of Status of Sojourn 전문인력 (E-7-1)
Request of Quotation
Extension of Sojourn Card 수출설비 (D-9-2)
Request of Quotation
Change of Status of Sojourn 전문인력 (E-7-1)
Request of Quotation
Change of Status of Sojourn 국민의 배우자 (F-6-1)
Request of Quotation